Why am I selling LTD for an Early stage product?

Why am I selling LTD for an Early stage product?

Yes. I am talking about socialhoox. 

You might have noticed that I am talking a lot about socialhoox from last few weeks. Socialhoox is a social media management tool in the making which helps you to craft engaging content, schedule it on social media and analyze your content.

Interesting? But the software is not complete. It’s still under development.

But, then.

Why the Hell am I selling it if it is not ready?

We do not want to end up building just another social media management tool, Or a product nobody likes.

Our aim is to build a community of stakeholders. Founders / Marketing managers of 25 beautiful social media marketing agencies or startups. Offer them a life time deal. And build the software based on their requirements. 

Anybody who has received a personal Invitation from me or Jerin is qualified for the LIFETIME DEAL OFFER and our exclusive STAKEHOLDERS COMMUNITY.

You can always request an invitation by sending me an email on sham@socialhoox.com with your details.

Apart from that, Anybody can avail our LIFETIME DEAL OFFER here.

What’s Socialhoox?

Every time I pitch socialhoox to a friend, he / she ask me Is it something like buffer? Or why are you building it when there are so many apps in this space?

Let me be clear with this.

It’s not going to be just another social media scheduler. We are focusing more on crafting relevant content and reach appropriate audience with little to no effort.

A business owner with zero knowledge on social media should be able to craft amazing social media ready content and reach out prospects on a regular basis using socialhoox. That’s our vision.

How are we planning it?

1.  Content ready social media calendar relevant to your business. From this calendar you can click on the content loaded in each dates, edit it if necessary and schedule it. We have already implemented calendar with scheduling and a content studio with image editor. We will be adding readymade data for your brand very soon.

2.  A CRM which gives you a buyer persona. The personna gets better and better as you add more data. We already have a basic CRM. And the buyer personna builder? Phewwww! No. We don’t have it yet. 🙁

3.  In-Depth analytics of your social media handles. We have started In-depth analytics.

4.  Tools for agencies. White-labeled reports, content approval. White labeled basic reporting is ready.

5.  Social proof widget for your websites showing live data from your social media handles.

Why should you buy SOCIALHOOX’s LIFETIME DEAL?

1.  The moment you purchase the Lifetime deal, you become a stakeholder of the software. So we will get to know your requirements. This will help us build a software you need. 

2.  You don’t have to pay anything more. You will get to enjoy all upcoming features of socialhoox without any monthly / yearly subscriptions.

3.  The fund we collect from the LIFETIME DEAL will help us build a software you need much faster. This will be a great support for our small bootstrapped team. ❤️

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