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What is an email follow up series? An email follow up series might be new thing to many of you. I will explain why should you do an email follow up series and how to structure it.

Chances are people won’t buy on first contact. If you can get them on your email list, however, you are free to build trust and make the repeated contact that is necessary to convert a follower to a customer. One of the best ways to do this is to create an email series. Most of the mailing softwares like mailchimp and sendgrid are best fits for setting up email follow up series.

While an email series can be lengthy, I recommend seven to ten delivered over a 30 day period. The email should be laid out ahead of time and set up in your auto responder so that when someone signs up for the offer you created, they will continue to receive emails every few days. This makes it simple to establish a rapport with customer and build that trust so they’ll be more likely to reach out to you.

Each email should have a specific purpose and needs to contain a call to action at the end. You’ll also need a great subject line to convince people to open the email in the first place. Here’s an idea of how your email follow up series might go:

email follow up series


The first email should focus on a problem that the customer has. Describe the problem and how miserable it makes life. The hint at the answer, which will be the next email.


Give them the solution to their problem, in the form of the products or opportunity you are offering. Show them the benefits and how it will help them. Don’t forget to include the call to action!


This email should cover the features (what the product or opportunity does) and the benefits (what results they expect). Be sure to follow the rules of your company with this.


At this point, they may be considering to pay for the product or service you offer, but something may be holding them back. How can they be sure this is really worth the price.. or that the product or service really work? Collect some testimonials and case studies from customers or subscribers and share these to help build trust and provide social proof.


This can be anything like a money back guarantee or a promise of assistance at any point of time.


Briefly recap everything you’ve covered in the previous five emails. Just remind them of everything they’ll get and encourage them to buy now. Most businesses have time-sensitive offers and special incentives from time to time. These are perfect for encouraging the client to buy now, but keep in mind that you will need to update your email series every time the offer changes.


This final email should reiterate the reason they should buy right now. Give them a push in the right direction.

These emails should be scheduled to go out automatically every so often after the lead have received the freebie. You don’t have to stop here. You can keep adding more emails to the series, but these seven should be set up in your auto responder and sent out automatically to every new lead.

Everyone who earns money online will be applying proven strategies to make things work. Email follow up series plays a crucial role in conversion of leads.

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