How I got job in Alliance Glogal (AGBL), Dubai?

How I got job in Alliance Glogal (AGBL), Dubai?

Alliance Global (AGBL) in a Biotechnology and BioInformatics company with Offices in 18+ countries. Their headquarters is in Dubai. 

And I am a Computer Programmer, (Web developer) who is no where related to Bioinformatics or Biotechnology. But I wanted to be a biotechnologist in my school days. So this job was a perfect match. It was like a dream come true. 

So how did I find a job in Alliance Global (AGBL), Dubai?

I was running a software startup in India, Rubixoft Technologies and I was finding it very difficult to continue. I wanted a change very badly. And it was on this time, VAT (Value Added Tax) was introduced in UAE. And I found this an opportunity to fly and explore the opportunities. I built a billing software with VAT and flew to Dubai, The land of Dreams.

In no time, I realized that this is not going to happen just like that. It is not that easy to sell without a company registered in UAE. The Laws are very strict. Disappointed. But I fell in love with country and thought of living there for a while. I wanted to build a business there. But I never had enough money with me. I started THE JOB HUNT. With no contacts to recommend. 

The Job Hunt.

Everybody I met suggested me to take whatever job I found. UAE is facing a crisis and nobody is hiring. That was their point. But I had no plans to give up. I decided to give it a try. 

Here is what I did. 


Step 1: Made a list of companies and job portals active in UAE.

Step 2: Connected with every possible guy working in UAE through LinkedIn and Facebook, collected their email addresses.

Step 3: Created a beautiful resume for the first time in my life using a free template on

Step 4: Made an appealing cover letter for the resume.

Step 5: Applied for every job which suites my profile on every job portals like a machine gun.

Step 6: Collected emails from company websites and sent them all, my resume. (It was on these days I realized there is an email outgoing limit for your gmail account.)

Step 7: Followed up on every emails I got a reply.

On the 4th day, I got my first Interview call from a company in Abudhabi and I got selected. As a WordPress web developer. 🙂

First Job.

They (Not mentioning the company because I don’t have a good opinion about them) wanted me to work on visit visa and they will confirm only after the visit visa expires. I was not happy about this.

I was still following up on emails. After 2-3 days, I received an email from Anjana, Digital marketing manager of Alliance Global (AGBL). And she works from the AGBL HQ, Dubai.

I had submitted my resume on AGBL career page. The website was not like this. I rebuilt the website after I joined AGBL HQ.

After few exchanges, She scheduled an Interview. I took a sick leave and attended the interview. The HQ is in Dubai Science Park, A beautiful place. ❤️ 

After 3 rounds of Interview and a telephonic interview, she told me to wait for few days. And I continued working with the first company. But I was following up with Anjana these days like a sniper aiming for this company. It was a love at first sight. Haha.

Good people, Good place and a nice package. And more than all these factors, They are into biotech. 🙂 

And I got my offer letter in less than 5 days for immediate joining. Resigned from the old company. Meanwhile I had finished a project and 2 client meeting in 15 days in the first company. Also I learned developing themes and plugins for WordPress.

It was a great experience though.

Life at Alliance Global (AGBL).

Awesome! That’s how I define the company in short. Anjana was the best manager. And there are lot of amazing people there. 

But I got bored. I didn’t had the skill to approach my work in a creative way. Now after reading a book by Robin Sharma, “The Leader Who had No Title”, I feel like I would have done a lot better. I will get frustrated when somebody start controlling me and I don’t make much noise. I do things. But I don’t talk about it or even report. That’s my problem. Like Anjana always says me – “In an organization, you should be audible”. You should document everything. I need my space to work and nobody should interfere. Finally, I left. 

I couldn’t find a reason to stay. And I started feeling like I am not contributing much to the organization. My manager also resigned. I lost Focus. Even the HR team started feeling the same after a year, I think. haha. Because I started doing several other things. 

And after a year, when Manar (HR) asked about my decision, I told them I would love to leave. And it ended like that. 

Came back to India and started building a new company, Socialhoox Technologies Private Limited with my super awesome partner, Jerin. Ok. Let this be another story. 🙂

Thanks for reading. Do lemme know if you need any help.

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