— by Shamnas C V

Everyone loves to work from their comfort. From their very own place in their comfortable timing. See What Matthew Mullenweg, Founding Developer of wordpress tells about the future of work.

I am always trying to implement this concept. The beautiful concept of distributed work. It’s high time to change the concept of working from the cubicle. This will help lot of people work from wherever they are. It will let them enjoy life along with the work. It will let the employees live with their family.

Finally, Life is not just about working.

Why This Blog?

In this blog, I am trying to reach out people to help them do more. Business owners to run their business remotely, Professionals to work from where they are. It demands discipline. But possible. 

Actually this is much easier now with the tools and platforms available now to handle remote jobs.

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If you are already running a business, I won’t suggest you shift to a distributed work culture all of a sudden.

You can start by implementing 2-3 days work from home strategy. This will give you the luxury to try out different tools and figure out what works. Now when you have everything in place, you can increase the number of “work from home” days.

But I am just building a startup, hmm…

Awesome! Implement the distributed work culture from the day one. You can start with freelancers working from different places. Don’t forget, Social media is your buddy here. Use the power of internet to reach talented people around the globe.

Here is what The founder of the famous social media marketing platform, Buffer talking about building their whole remote team.

You can sell anything on Internet using the right tools and right people. Hiring the right people is very important. Especially when you are building a remote team. You do not need more people or fancy office space to build a profitable startup.

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Finding it difficult to start? Remotewise helps you find the best remote working companies and remote roles. Never thought Hotjar is a remote company till I saw them listed on Remotewise.